Daniel Ryan

I am a transmedia  artist, composer, and performer in Denton, TX.




Daniel Ryan (b. 1994) is a transmedia artist, composer, performer, and curator. Daniel’s practice exists between the boundaries of performance art, sculpture, composed and improvised music, drawing from a background in collage, digital image and video arts, folk and classical guitar methods, and sound design. Daniel makes use of found objects, guitars, feedback, software, and the details inherent to individual performance spaces to create a work that holds the medium in regard while exploring the thingness of the things that make up the medium, and the perceptual contingencies that define or construct the medium. Daniel showcases the intersection of a variety of contemporary composed and improvised musics as a curator with the intention of highlighting the unique sonic capabilities of informal settings. During undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas, Daniel studied with Louise Fristensky and David Stout, and previously Nick Schillace and Jessica Kropog. Daniel has performed with Rebecca Novak, Ryan Seward, Louise Fristensky, Chase Gardner, Claire Rousay, Sam Friedland, Derek Rogers, and Adriana Valls among many others.